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Ellipsiz is a leading probe card and distribution & service solutions provider serving the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries.

We provide innovative, engineering-focused solutions in niche segments of the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing chain such as Testing and Supply Chain Management. Our customers include global semiconductor companies and electronics contract manufacturers.

Our key competitive strengths lie in our innovation, strong customer focus, resourcefulness, strong partnership with customers and principals, an established global support network and a cost-competitive Asia-centric manufacturing infrastructure.

Ellipsiz is headquartered in Singapore. It has operations in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Australia, New Zealand, France, Japan, Korea, Thailand and the USA.


Ellipsiz iNETEST CO., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3F.,No.35, Sintai Rd.,Jhubei City,Hsin Chu County 302-52, Taiwan, R.O.C TEL:+886 03 6561595 FAX:+886 03 5520347